Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee for a Candidates

We want your experience of Jasmin Consulting to be pleasant and productive, so we have devised a care charter to outline what candidates can expect from us and in return, what we expect from candidates we work with.

Our Service

As an international agency, we can not promise that your dream job will already be online on our list, we can not promise that we will call you every week with a new opportunity. What we can promise as a growing international agency is a superior, personal and extremely helpful service for all applicants and do our utmost to help you.

We promise

to treat our candidates with respect and integrity
to provide fair, honest and impartial career advice
to get to know you and provide a tailored service dependent on your requirements
your resume will be handled with discretion and we will ALWAYS seek your permission before sending your details to a client company
we will represent you professionally to clients, ensuring the best impression possible
to disclose all information we are empowered to disclose by our clients and ensure you are fully prepared and briefed before an interview
to give honest and constructive feedback
to communicate with you during every step of the hiring process
we will negotiate on your behalf for the best possible outcome on salary and benefits package when offer stage is reached
should you need to relocate for a new position we will go out of our way to make sure you are comfortable and supported throughout that process

Our expectation of you

we will NEVER treat you by the standards of a candidate who has behaved unprofessionally, so we expect you will never treat us by the standards of an agency or consultant who has disappointed you in the past.
we expect a communicative process, accepting our calls and returning emails etc with the same speed and professionalism we show you
full disclosure on your past work and educational experience
participation in interview preparation
represent Delegate and yourself to the best of your ability
honest and constructive feedback within 12 hours of attending an interview
If you change your mind, or have serious doubts about a position you have entered the hiring process for, share concerns with your consultant immediately. We don’t need excuses, tell us the absolute truth – we may be able to help. We never want to persuade you into a job you dont want – that’s bad for our client and therefore us. We will offer you fair and impartial career advice
If you are interviewing or applying for other positions let us know the estimated timeline on those processes so we may manage your hiring process with our client effectively for you
NEVER just no-show for an interview or start date. You never know where people end up and your contact could end up in another organisation you do want to work in the future!