Why Us

About Us

Jasmin Consulting is all about making a real difference to our Clients and their businesses. We are passionate about recruitment and we are proud to represent those clients we partner with.

Working in specialist practices, we are in a league of our own – large enough to have the knowledge, resources and wide-ranging expertise to operate globally but not so large we have lost the flexibility and the individual care our Candidates and Clients warrant in order to help shape their futures.


What we do

Jasmin Consulting is a world-class staff search and selection company. Working in partnership with our clients we support their business vision by finding the right candidates fast with no fuss. Our focus is to help them find the people who will shape their future. Talented individuals with in-depth knowledge acquired through years of experience are the foundation of our success. At the heart of how we work is a virtuous circle.

Attracting the best consultants creates the energy and focus necessary to understand our clients’ business and offer excellent advice. This advice, coupled with the selection of ideal candidates, contributes to our clients’ success which in turn builds our reputation.

A virtuous circle…

Attract the best candidate
Create energy and focus
Understand our clients’ business
Offer excellent advice
Select the ideal candidates
Contribute to our clients’ success
Build our reputation

Our Values

We are committed to high ethical and professional standards. We believe in honesty and transparency in all our communications and we maintain quality standards and procedures to back these principles up.


  • Integrity

    We set high ethical and professional standards and consistently live up to our principles. We operate with the very highest standards of probity at all times – honesty, reliability and accuracy are absolutely essential.


  • Seeking excellence

    Getting it right first time, in all that we do. We find first class candidates who can make a major difference to our clients’ businesses.